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The world’s most talented young players gather in England every May at the Football trials for England’s highly competitive Premiership team.

Challenges of Becoming an Sportsbook Player

Challenge the world’s best players

Football at the international level, especially in England, is played with sbobet and is followed by a fierce intensity. The speed and agility are seen in the legendary English game and prove challenging even for young prodigies, such as 15-year-old Jordan Kotsopoulos. A provincial player from Ontario, Canada, Jordan is currently being considered for the Canadian national team.

“The pace and technical abilities in the UK at the professional academy level are sharp and faster than in North America,” Jordan said in an interview following his successful Premiership audition. “I learned a lot and hope to come back next year in 16 years to sign and stay there.”

Football academy serves as a gateway for professional Football

Jordan is guaranteed professional Football trials after impressing his teachers and coaches at the EduKick Soccer boarding school in Bolton, England. He also impressed scouts from Bolton Wanderers FC, Blackburn Rovers FC and Preston North End, earning invitations to return by both Blackburn and Preston clubs.

Train-abroad programs, such as the camps and schools offered through EduKick, develop players who can live up to the high expectations of the Football Premiership. Aoi Kushige, a 19 year old female player from Japan, came to the EduKick Football academy in England to pursue her dream of playing professionally. Kushige’s six months in England paid off, benefiting him with his first professional Football contract with Lady Rovers.

“I’m from England and understand how difficult it is for young players to earn with Premiership clubs,” said Jon Morgan, general manager of EduKick Inc. “Aoi pays his dues by participating in the Football development program with us. He’s doing well and we are all very proud of him. ”

the strictest standards for the British Premiership

According to Joey Bilotta, VP of EduKick Inc, it takes more than football skills to get noticed by Premiership teams like Blackburn Rovers or Bolton Wanderers.

“It’s not enough to be very talented and have huge potential,” said Bilotta. “Young Football players must also have the right attitude and character to even be considered for trials of professional Football with our affiliated teams in Europe.”

While there are no guarantees, professional level training in the UK is a strong catalyst for motivated, talented young players interested in a Premiership career.

How to score goals on the pro international football scene

When asked to provide advice to other young players yearning for professional Football glory, Jordan Kotsopoulos said, “It doesn’t matter how good you are. You can always get better, so keep training. “